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What is Certified Watch Repair?

    From time to time customers ask us what it means when we say Womble Watch provides certified watch repair. The most direct response we can provide is that Ashley Womble, our in-house watchmaker is Rolex, Omega, and AWCI(American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute) CW21(Certified Watchmaker 21st Century) certified. 

This means he has completed the necessary certification courses and processes laid out by these groups to receive certified documentation that Ashley Womble is capable of meeting and exceeding the requirements they set forth. These certifications not only allow us to reassure our customers that their timepiece is in the hands of a skilled professional, but also ensure that Womble Watch is able to acquire authentic and high quality parts and materials directly from manufacturers to ensure that every watch repair is completed with genuine material and will maintain the performance brands such as Rolex and Omega are known and lauded for.

A common question we receive is what to look for when purchasing a Pre-Owned watch, especially a luxury timepiece like Rolex or Omega. Aside from the obvious such as making sure the watch runs, keeps time, and the case and band/bracelet are in good condition there are a few other things to look for. 

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