News Straight From the Bench

     An unfortunately common problem we see day to day with watches our customers bring in are damages sustained from improper opening techniques. Every watch is unique with how it's put together. Sap back, screw back, and screw down casebacks are the most common, however other case styles exist such as one piece, sandwich style, and complex multi layer cases seen on watches such as the Rolex Deep-Sea. A prominent example of improper opening techniques we've witnessed was on a Rolex GMT. The GMT caseback screws down using a special tooling created by rolex. This particular caseback had been heavily damaged by someone who attempted to open the caseback as if it were a snapback, using a blade and pry tool to bend, divot, and damage the caseback attempting to pop it out. 

    Chances are if you call or come stop by Womble Watch you will meet our cheerful office manager Brigitte Williams. Brigitte is the backbone of Womble Watch filling many administrative roles while working closely with our customers to provide them utmost satisfaction.

We have just acquired an excellent midsize Omega Seamaster Professional.

Our CW21 Certified Watchmaker has fully serviced and tested this watch and it is in pristine working order and looks very lightly worn. 

This watch is available now in our online store or in our brick and mortar showcase. Don't miss out on this excellent automatic timepiece!