News Straight From the Bench

     Watch band and bracelet sizing is one of the most common walk-in/short jobs we perform at Womble Watch. Customers, of course, want a properly sized watch so they can comfortably wear their timepiece. However, the job of properly sizing a watch is often under appreciated and occasionally undervalued. 

     Today we'd love to highlight a piece in our showcase that we feel doesn't get enough love. This particular watch is an Omega DeVille with a Brick style bracelet in stainless steel. The unique feature of this watch is its GMT complication. This allows the watch to track time in two timezones, an exceptionally useful feature for travelers, international business, or those with interests abroad of their local timezone. Unfortunately, its not a feature that is immediately recognizable to most due to the subtle 4th hand tracking the GMT feature. The watch also carries the date complication further enhancing its timekeeping.

     It has become increasingly common to see businesses advertise their "Advantage" or what sets them apart from the competition and how this edge up is passed onto customers. We here at Womble Watch feel that we provide multiple "advantages" to our customers, but to us one sits a step above the rest. We pride ourselves on being open and informative to our customers. We provide all the documentation we can on work performed at Womble Watch and give as much information as possible to our customers. Openness, we believe, fosters trust, and trust is the key to successful business relationships with our customers. To help foster this trust here are some more advantages available at Womble Watch: