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The Digital Rolex

      Many unique watches come and go during daily business at Womble Watch, however, few are as unique as this 1940's era Rolex Prince 'Jump Hour' we currently have available. Jump Hour watches are unique in that they are considered the first Digital watches. In modern terms when describing a watch as digital our minds jump to LCD or even LED displays powered by battery and controlled by an array of buttons or touch input. However, the basic definition of a digital display is much simpler, "A display that gives the information in the form of characters(letter and/or numbers)". This is exactly the case with the mechanical Rolex 'Jump Hour'. Rather than use a dial with markers and sweeping hands to display the time this vintage Rolex uses a jumping hour number display. Making it, by definition, a digital display watch. 

    The Rolex Prince 'Jump Hour' is considered historically to be one of Rolex's most groundbreaking watches. With its first release in 1928 the Prince 'Jump Hour' redefined standards for a luxury watch. The Jump Hour's accuracy and ease of use coupled with a stylish shape and easy to read dials made it a popular choice for the discerning buyer. Hours and minutes were tracked on the large upper dial, with the Jumping hour window at the traditional 12 O'clock position while seconds were counted on the smaller bottom dial. This allowed for the hour and minute to be quickly read while seconds could be cleanly tracked when necessary.

     Womble Watch is excited to be able to offer one of these unique and memorable timepieces for sale. The piece we have available is a 1491 reference in Two-tone 9k Yellow and White Gold. However, the inside top case Reference reads 628. The interior side of the case shows marks of repair at the 1 and 5 O'clock positions, and unfortunately the crown and minute hand are not original to the watch. However, despite these imperfections the watch is still in incredible condition for its age and rarity. The band on the watch is calfskin with Rolex buckle. And, the movement is in great running condition. It is a 15 jewel movement with movement number 75498. 

     Womble Watch currently has this rare time piece available for $10,000 USD and our staff is happy to follow up on any inquiries regarding this unique timepiece. This is an exquisite piece for any collection of Rolex, Jump Hour, or fine Vintage Watches.


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