News Straight From the Bench

     An unfortunate issue we come across when working with our customers to discuss a repair or service on their time piece, especially vintage time pieces, is having to turn away the work because of the lack of materials. In many cases the lack of materials means a necessary part to the repair is not available, and without that part our CW21 Certified Watchmaker cannot complete the work at all. Understandably, in this case we cannot do anything but return the watch to the customer. 

     Another situation often encountered is that a watch is in need of a full service, which in this case will be defined as a breakdown of the movement, cleaning and re-lubricating the parts, and reassembling the movement inside the watch. In this case no new parts are materials are needed. However, the majority of the time our CW21 Watchmaker will also, unfortunately, have to turn away this work. While the immediate concerns are addressable, repairable, and the timepiece can be made to work the lack of materials means that Womble Watch, and our CW21 Certified Watchmaker, cannot warranty or guarantee this work. Should a part be in too poor a condition to work reliably, break or damage after the fact from wear, or require replacement for any other reason we would be unable to rectify this problem and the customer would be left with a non-functioning timepiece after the work is finished. This risk is one Womble Watch prefers not to take. We understand the sentimentality, and in many cases, understand the customer does not hold Womble Watch accountable for normal wear. However, Womble Watch seeks to maintain certain exacting standards in quality, guaranteed, and warrantied work. Therefore, if we cannot support our work with genuine manufacturer parts, even if a timepiece does not call for or require those parts at the time of servicing, we unfortunately, cannot complete this work for our customers. 

     Similarly to the above situation, if a watch, vintage or modern, comes into our shop for service or repair and we cannot source Genuine Manufacturer parts, we will turn the work away for much the same reason. Our CW21 certified watchmaker cannot stand behind the quality, longevity, or exactness of specifications of non-genuine parts. In this case some customers ask if they can sign off on the use of aftermarket parts as opposed to genuine parts. In these cases the answer remains no. Womble Watch proudly stands behind quality craftsmanship, work, and materials all performed in-house. The use of substandard aftermarket materials is not in-line with our values and as such is not work we can complete. 

     Standing behind our values in work, material, and customer service is our longterm and unwavering goal. We believe that Strict adherence to these values, even at the cost of turning away work that we cannot 100% support and stand behind allows us to provide our customers with a confidence and security they cannot find at other watch repair businesses. 

     We do empathize with customers who have sentimental pieces that we cannot support. Sentimental value is not lost on us and we do apologize for turning away work on these sentimental timepieces we cannot support. Womble Watch would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards our understanding customers for their business and their confidence in our CW21 Certified Watchmaker.