News Straight From the Bench

     Womble Watch proudly advertises that our watch repair and service work is completed in-house.

We would like to take a moment to expand on what we mean when we offer in-house certified watch repair. Womble Watch has its own CW21, Omega, and Rolex certified watchmaker. This Watchmaker, Ashley Womble, works inside of our store to complete the repairs so that each customers watch does not have to be sent abroad. Furthermore, Mr. Womble performs all the service and repair work himself with no outside contractor being brought in. The only exceptions to this are situations where a part must be sent to a specialist or if a repair or service cannot be completed due to lack of available materials, parts, or special instruction by the manufacturer. In these situations we work closely with our customers to help them decide the best course of action and facilitate this course in anyway we can in order to ensure the most secure and satisfactory experience for our valued customers.

     Womble Watch believes that in-house service is the superior and preferred option for watch service since it allows customers to put a face and local address to their valuable timepiece. We are thrilled that we are one of the few places that can offer in-house watch service and repair on Omega, Swatch Group, Rolex and other luxury swiss timepieces. This of course is augmented by our ability to source parts directly from these manufacturer's to ensure our watchmaker can service and repair the time piece to perfect condition.