News Straight From the Bench

     Today we'd love to highlight a piece in our showcase that we feel doesn't get enough love. This particular watch is an Omega DeVille with a Brick style bracelet in stainless steel. The unique feature of this watch is its GMT complication. This allows the watch to track time in two timezones, an exceptionally useful feature for travelers, international business, or those with interests abroad of their local timezone. Unfortunately, its not a feature that is immediately recognizable to most due to the subtle 4th hand tracking the GMT feature. The watch also carries the date complication further enhancing its timekeeping.

    This particular watch includes its original all wood presentation box, a beautiful shelf-piece. Furthermore, an extra link is included and if purchased locally in-store we will size the watch free of charge. The watch itself sports a pristine and crisp white dial with beautiful polished steel case and bracelet with brushed accents. The watch itself sports a popular midsize case suitable for men or women that sits prominently, but not loudly, upon the wrist. And, of course, this watch has been fully serviced by our Omega and CW21 certified watchmaker and comes with our 2 year performance warranty. Any buyer can have full confidence it the condition, originality, and reliability of this timepiece. 

     We'd love nothing more than to find this under-appreciated Watch a new wrist to call home. To this end we've taken the drastic step to reduce our asking price from the original $3,000 to the current $2,850. We'd love to keep this gorgeous piece, but we know it deserves to sit proudly on a wrist rather than locked away in our showcase. 


Buy it here! or come stop by and see it in person at:

Womble Watch

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