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The Digital Rolex

      Many unique watches come and go during daily business at Womble Watch, however, few are as unique as this 1940's era Rolex Prince 'Jump Hour' we currently have available. Jump Hour watches are unique in that they are considered the first Digital watches. In modern terms when describing a watch as digital our minds jump to LCD or even LED displays powered by battery and controlled by an array of buttons or touch input. However, the basic definition of a digital display is much simpler, "A display that gives the information in the form of characters(letter and/or numbers)". This is exactly the case with the mechanical Rolex 'Jump Hour'. Rather than use a dial with markers and sweeping hands to display the time this vintage Rolex uses a jumping hour number display. Making it, by definition, a digital display watch. 

     An unfortunate issue we come across when working with our customers to discuss a repair or service on their time piece, especially vintage time pieces, is having to turn away the work because of the lack of materials. In many cases the lack of materials means a necessary part to the repair is not available, and without that part our CW21 Certified Watchmaker cannot complete the work at all. Understandably, in this case we cannot do anything but return the watch to the customer. 

     Womble Watch proudly advertises that our watch repair and service work is completed in-house.