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Repair a Watch
Service Confidence

Certification is Confidence.

Certified Watchmakers & The most Exacting Inspection in the Watch Industry .

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Buying Confidence

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Womble Certification

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Selling Confidence

Womble Premium Warranty.
The Best Warranty in the Industry backed by 25 Years in Business.

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The Womble Watch Distinction

Certified Watchmakers

CW21 is a Certified Watchmaker Twenty-First Century. This rigorous standard is the benchmark for competent, capable and essential skill-sets in watchmaking.

The AWCI issues this certificate to professionals who have passed the extensive course requirements and demanding examination. Rolex & Omega requires every watch service professional to meet this standard first, before applying for recognition.

Rolex & Omega Recognized

This accolade allows us the privilege to attain genuine materials and parts to perform the level of service high grade watches require.
Documents: AWCI Rolex Omega

Know the Difference

We regularly service watches damaged by other shops who have no Certification or use non-specification, counterfeit parts because they are not recognized by Rolex or Omega.