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Repair a Watch
Service Confidence

Certification is Confidence.

Certified Watchmakers & The most Exacting Inspection in the Watch Industry .

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Buying Confidence

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Womble Certification

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Sell a Watch
Selling Confidence

Womble Premium Warranty.
The Best Warranty in the Industry backed by 25 Years in Business.

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The Womble Watch Distinction

Certified Watchmakers

CW21 is a Certified Watchmaker Twenty-First Century. This rigorous standard is the benchmark for competent, capable and essential skill-sets in watchmaking.

The AWCI issues this certificate to professionals who have passed the extensive course requirements and demanding examination. Rolex & Omega requires every watch service professional to meet this standard first, before applying for recognition.

Rolex & Omega Recognized

This accolade allows us the privilege to attain genuine materials and parts to perform the level of service high grade watches require.

Know the Difference

We regularly service watches damaged by other shops who have no Certification or use non-specification, counterfeit parts because they are not recognized by Rolex or Omega.